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Recognising the growing importance that corporations place on corporate social responsibility, our Club now offers a corporate membership opportunity.  Corporate memberships allow businesses of all sizes to participate in giving back to the community through the well organised systems and structures of Rotary International (RI). 
Membership in Rotary offers an excellent vehicle for staff leadership development and personal growth, at the same time as making a positive difference in our community, whether that is at the local, regional, national or international level.
How Corporate Membership Works
A Rotary Corporate Membership will provide the opportunity for up to three members from your business to actively participate in the Club. This will comprise one nominated Primary Corporate Member and up to two Alternate Corporate Members.  The Primary Corporate Member will be a full member of Rotary International, with voting rights within the Club and access to all other benefits of a full Rotarian. 
The other nominated Alternate Corporate Members will enjoy all of the benefits of participating in the activities of the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise, without being a formal member of Rotary International. 
Your Business Benefits from becoming a Corporate Member of the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise
Your business will receive the following benefits from Corporate membership with our Club:
  • an effective mechanism to set a corporate example and a personal example within your business of the value and satisfaction associated with contributing to your community through an established community service organisation and club;
  • recognition of your business support to Rotary through:
    • opportunities to give back to your community through personal efforts of your Corporate members,
    • a high quality engraved acrylic recognition plaque, 180 mm tall and 25 mm thick, with faceted edging and bright white engraving, and
    • recognition of your business Corporate support on our web site and at our functions;
  • the option of directing $250 of the Corporate membership annual fee to a preferred club activity;
  • increased awareness within the community through association with Rotary and the many programs that are supported by our Club;
  • increased visibility across Canberra Businesses and Rotary clubs through joint Rotary activities such as quarterly Rotary Means Business functions; and
  • participation opportunities with Rotary hands-on projects.
More Information
For an annual fee your company can become a corporate member of the club.  For more information, please contact us.