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We are very grateful to the following businesses for their Corporate sponsorship of the club.
Keane Consulting.  From October 2020. 
Keane Consulting is a local firm providing a range of project and related services to clients, including many government departments.  Keane Consulting delivers two core services:
  1. highly specialised recruitment services primarily placing contractors into the Australian Intelligence Community
  2. HR advisory services specialising in the Human Resource lifecycle.
Keane Consulting has a strong philanthropy focus.  Their website provides some background on this:
"The concept of "living our values" for Keane Consulting includes supporting the local, Canberra community. Our sponsorship and philanthropic activity provides benefit and support to three key areas:
  • grass roots development of youth through sport
  • the impoverished and vulnerable
  • progression for women in STEM-based careers
However, we do not simply provide charitable donations or sponsorship. The community organisations which Keane Consulting support are those our employees have an active, participatory role with. This ensures that we give more than just "cash"; we also give our time and effort to build a better future for those we interact with."  
Keane Consulting currently provides financial aid, delivery of pro-bono services, and/or volunteer assistance to a number of local charities, including our Rotary Club.  Find out more about Keane Consulting here.
The photo below is of our welcome to Keane Consulting's Owen, Melinda and Sean into their journey with Rotary.
Other Businesses Supporting Our Club Activities
We also wish to recognise other local businesses that have provided generous financial support to our club's community service activities:
Diverse Training Concepts. 
Diverse Training Concepts (DTC) is proud to provide the club with a $600 charitable donation. DTC is a nationally recognised and registered training organisation providing training in a diverse range of areas, including Investigation, Fraud Control, Statutory Compliance, Management, Security Operations and Policing Practice. DTC and Keane Consulting work closely together to provide professional development opportunities to Keane Consulting contractors.
For more information on this local business, click here.