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Satellite clubs are a relatively new way of forming a new Rotary Club.
A satellite club is 'birthed' by an existing Rotary club (in our case, the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise (RCCS), a great club that has been operating now for over 25 years).  This club is known as the host club and provides sponsorship, mentoring and support to the satellite club.   
A satellite club can form a new Rotary Club in its own right when it reaches 20 members.  Until then the satellite club continues to operate under the host club umbrella.  
Members of the satellite club are full members of Rotary International and the host club.  Membership application processes for the Canberra Sundowners therefore follows the standard Canberra Sunrise membership process (your nomination is put to the Board for approval and then the club, and if approved you are inducted as a member of the club by the President).
While satellite club members are invited and encouraged to participate in RCCS meetings and activities, the club recognises that the focus of satellite club members will be on satellite club meetings and activities.  It is, however, worth checking out some of the Canberra Sunrise main activities, including the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), DreamCricket, the annual trivia night fundraiser, the club changeover lunch and the Christmas party.  They also have a great speaker program at their morning meetings at the Commonwealth Club if you can handle the 7.30am start.