If you have not already done so, please submit an Expression of Interest using the EOI e-form.  The Expression of Interest ensures we are aware of your intent to register, and allows us to distribute additional information as required. From this year, we will only send Registration Forms to those who have submitted an EOI. 

How to Register

  1. Preparing the information you need for the Registration Form:
  • Identify a sponsoring Rotary Club or District and a member of that Club or District who will advise their procedures for your team to nominate and act as a initial contact point. If you are not sure how to locate your local Rotary Club or District, try googling Rotary and your city name. If you need assistance, please contact the MUNA Registrar. For registration you will need the name and contact details for the Rotary sponsor and for the Rotary person responsible for payment of Registration fees.
  • Rotary Clubs and Districts may identify teams to sponsor through their local MUNA events, or through liaison with local high schools that have an effective debating activities.
  • Identify two or three team members, and ensure they all have parental consent to participate.  
  • For each student you will need their school name, age, sex, name, address, phone and email contact details, parent/guardian name and contact details and any dietary restrictions.
  • Work with your sponsoring Rotary club or district to identify a Counsellor to accompany the team (refer to the FAQ sheet for details on the requirements and responsibilities of the Counsellor).  You will need the Counsellor's name, address, contact details, dietary restrictions and accommodation needs.
  • Choose five nations which the team might like to represent, one from each bloc, from this list (pdf file opens in a new window).
  1. Once you have all of this information, you are ready to fill in the on-line Registration Form.  A link to a Registration Form for each team listed in your EOI form will have been sent to you shortly after you submitted the EOI. If this has not occurred, please contact the MUNA Chair . You will be able to come back to each Registration form via this link as many times as you wish until you finally submit it: each time you advance a page in the form, those results will be saved. 
  2. Review the form and confirm all information is accurate and complete.  Note that many of the fields are mandatory, so make sure these are filled in, or you will not be able to proceed to submit the form (if you attempt to do so and receive an error message advising that some fields have not been completed, scroll back through the form to find the missing fields (highlighted in red).  
  3. When the form is complete, select SUBMIT and the form will be submitted to the Registrar.  Contact the Registrar for assistance if required.  Please submit the form electronically, as this saves considerable manual information entry by the Registrar.
  4. Participating students and their parent/guardian need to read and sign the Combined Consent Form (one per participant).  These should be scanned and emailed to the Registrar (MUNARegistrar@gmail.com) as a team batch, as soon as possible after the registration form has been submitted.
  5. Counsellors need to read and sign the Counsellor Consent Form, scan and email it to the Registrar (MUNARegistrar@gmail.com) as soon as possible after the registration form has been submitted.
  6. A member of the Board of the Sponsoring Rotary District or Club is to complete and sign the Sponsoring Rotary District/Club Acknowledgement form and scan and email it to the Registrar (MUNARegistrar@gmail.com) as soon as possible after the registration form has been submitted.
  1. Once the registration form has been received by the Registrar, invoices for registration fees (payable by the Rotary Club/District), Counsellor accommodation and additional guest meals will be forwarded to the nominated Rotary point of contact.  The invoices detail the payment options available.  

  2. The coordinating Rotarian is requested to pass invoices received for Counsellor or guest items that are not being covered by Rotary to the individuals concerned for payment as early as possible.  Please assist in ensuring all payments associated with your registration are processed as early as possible.  Chasing up late payments tales up a considerable amount of the Registrar's time.

Registration will not be complete until all of the above have been actioned, all consent forms received and Registration Fees have been received.

All registrations are to be completed by 30 June.