For many years,  Rotarians in District 9800 have supported a program known as Violence Free Families. VFF works to reduce family violence in all its forms.
Originally founded by the Rotary Club of Brighton, Victoria, Violence Free Families is now an independent national registered charity. It works in Research, Development and Education: improving existing behaviour change programs for violent men, developing new ones and supporting childhood education programs. VFF is led by a Board of Rotarians, community representatives and professionals.
Recently, the popular singer Colleen Hewett  has become an ambassador for Violence Free Families.  She gave a sensational performance at the recent District 9800 Conference  Gala dinner, singing her powerful new song, Shut Up and Let Me Breathe, which is about domestic violence. It was accompanied by a moving video clip of well-known personalities and children saying no to family violence.  Colleen’s tremendous  performance had such an impact on the Rotarians present that she has been invited to perform at the Rotary Zone 8 Institute in November.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott  is supporting Colleen’s efforts with regard to domestic violence and last week filmed a message which has been added to the video clip of her song.  He acknowledges the work of Rotary in the message. Yesterday the Melbourne Herald-Sun also promoted Colleen’s involvement with VFF and Abbott’s endorsement.