Channel 9 A Current Affair and Rotary are jointly running an appeal for Sharon Chan who lives in Gunning.  
Sharon Chan is 38 weeks pregnant with her third child.  Her first child, Oliver, is five year old Oliver and was born with Downs Syndrome.  Then 18 months ago the little fellow contracted Leukaemia so her husband Rob regularly has had to drive them to a Sydney hospital where Ollie gets chemotherapy.  Then last weekend her husband died of a suspected heart attack.  He was the bread winner.  There is now no money for Ollie’s treatment, the mortgage, and all those bills.
The public is being asked to support an appeal through Rotary to assist them.  Rotary will be a key partner in the solution by providing a tax deductible fund through the RAWCS (RABS) facility.
Donations can be made here.