The Club welcomed returning Youth Exchange student, Fiona, from her 12 month exchange to Verden in Germany last week.  Fiona gave members a brief overview of some of the highlights of her trip.  She also passed on a letter from her host club, the Rotary Club of Verden Jugenddienst in Rotary District 1850, which provided a very positive view of Fiona's stay with them - brief extract is provided below:
"Fiona made our club very happy through her presence at club meetings, her helpfulness, honesty, her adaptability, and her dry sense of humour.  She has a place in the hearts of her host families.  In her free time she used the opportunity to do work experience in the ear, nose and throat clinic of one of our members and work experience at the hospital."
She also performed best in the District on her German test.
Clearly Fiona enjoyed the exchange greatly, and has developed considerably through the experience.  Fiona has indicated that she would like to stay in touch and perhaps support the club in some its activities.