Last week Ainslie represented President Peter at the graduation ceremony at the Secondary Introducty English Centre and presented the RCCS encouragement award.  The Club presents a certificate and a box of useful school related items costing over $200 to one student in each of the four graduation ceremonies a year.  This award provides significant assistance to the student, directly supporting their ongoing studies.
Ainslie was asked to be on stage during proceedings, along with the Principal and Joanna Kelman, and assisted in the presentation of certificates. She got a little more than she bargained for - when she, Joanna and Craig (Principal) got dragged from the audience into participating in the student’s performance finale - a hand clapping, hand waving rendition of  the song “Stand By Me."
The recipient of the encouragement award was Hussain.  His award included the following.  It identified Hussain a mature and hard-working student who sets high standards for himself and is meticulous in everything he does.  Hussain is resilient and determined to succeed in life. His dream is to become an engineer. Hussain is a caring student who is committed to his family. He juggles his responsibilities with diligence. We are proud to have watched the enormous progress Hussain has made at the SIEC. We see a bright future for this special young man.
Ainslie advises that Rotary got a number of mentions during the ceremony where  we were thanked for our support -  in the programme, from the  Principal in his speech and from the students.  There were a lot of parents in attendance, also people who volunteer at the Centre during  term,  one of whom complimented me afterwards on Rotary’s involvement.