There is still plenty of room for more people to come along to the club's End Polio dinner, to be held at Peter Hill's home (10 Fereday Street, Weston) from 6pm on Saturday 27th February.  Bring a plate to share and something to drink.  Entry donation to End Polio ($25 per head or what you can afford).  If you are able to come along and have not yet RSVP's, please let Peter know by email on, or by phone on 0412 297 257.
If you are not able to make it but would like to offer a donation for the End Polio cause, please also let Peter know.  To date we have $375 in donations from those that cannot make it).
Remember, for every dollar we raise, the Bill Gates Foundation donates $2 for the cause.
Should be some fun and good fellowship - hope to see you there.