Last week's guest speaker, Jeremy Scott, provided an inspirational talk on his life journey, from a four year old having major heart surgery to riding a push bike around the world.  His talk, also the name of his book, was The Long Road From A Broken Heart.  This two and a half year journey from 2011-2014 covered 29 countries and 52,000 kilometres, with many adventures.  Funds raised from the journey and 10% of his book sales go to supporting the Heart Foundation, in thanks for his life saving operation.
Jeremy's story brought out many lessons, relevant to us all.  Some of these included: 
*  break any big challenges into smaller, manageable chunks,
*  set review points on your life journey and take the time to celebrate each achievement,
*  look out for the beautiful side of humanity - sometimes we are too busy to appreciate it,
*  learn from your experiences and failures, and
*  be prepared to have a go.
Further information about Jeremy's journey or his book are available at