Homes of Hope
Our guest speaker last week was Kirsty Hill, accompanied by husband Oscar and sons Sammy and Liam.  Kirsty spoke of her and Oscar’s volunteer work over the last nine years in Ensenada, Mexico.  In their primary endeavour, Homes of Hope, they support visiting teams to build a house for a needy Mexican family over a single weekend.  The teams build about 300 houses every year.

Kirsty spent some time highlighting that provision of a basic house on a concrete slab as opposed to living under a tarp on bare earth yields several benefits to the entire receiving family.  These include health benefits to the whole family and improved education because of less time off school due to poor health and a better environment for children to be learning.  Financially, provision of a house means the family puts the family at least 7 years ahead of if they had to save for a house.  Kirsty mentioned some experiences where she has visited families some years after they received a house and seen just how much the family has benefited and the love that they have put into further developing their home.

Kirsty also spoke of other ministries she and Oscar are involved in, working in the communities where they have built houses.  One of these is Circulo, an afternoon of fun, character building and learning for young kids, and equipping them to be good members of their community.  Some of these children are now young adults and helping on house builds themselves.  This is very satisfying for Kirsty and Oscar, who are now seeing their investment in families and the kids of Ensenada now coming full circle.