Days for Girls won the worldwide “Girls Challenge” on “CrowdRise” ahead of all other charities, a total of US$135,000 for Days for Girls America, yeepee!
The Days for Girls project is all about giving poor girls an equal chance with boys for education, in countries where girls have no means to manage their period. Many make do with corn-husks, newspapers, furniture stuffing etc., in order to be able to leave house and go to school. That, leads to infections and even more schooling lost and later on to possible Illiteracy, early marriage and large families. Knowledge of their ‘mature’ situation makes them ‘available’, these girls will have children before their bodies are ready for it!
Days for Girls washable kits cost $10 to make and $16 include shipping, distribution and education, lasts for 3 years, giving them dignity and education and a better chance in life. Kits are culturally appropriate and being washable are environmentally friendly as these very places lack means of disposal.
Will you join us in giving more girls a chance? Even a small donation helps reach the $25,000 start-up cost of producing an ‘in-country’ cottage industry, giving added employment in the Philippines. Visit or to realise what a marvellous innovative and inexpensive international female hygiene project Days for Girls is.  We are Seeking individual donations of $16 or multiples thereof, or companies/clubs $160.
Thank you Crow’s Nest Rotary Club for donating $5,333  =  for 333 DfG kits, the price of dignity for 333 girls!!!!  -  or 1,000 YEARS of education!!!!
  • The motto:       Every girl. Everywhere. Period    is for girl’s dignity and education and all that for 3 years for only $16!!!
  • Kits:                  Kits and donations in kind: Walter Bock, every bit helps
  • Donations:       Visit: click ‘Donate’ enter project: 042 - 2008/09, click ‘Find this project’ then ‘Donate now’