Last year our club welcomed our first Corporate Sponsor – Keane Consulting.  Since that time, the company’s Director, Owen Keane, Melinda Keane and Sean Wood have been regular participants at Canberra Sundowner meetings and community service activities.  Both Keane Consulting and the Canberra Sundowners are finding real value in this relationship. 
For Keane Consulting, the relationship is an important string in the company’s social ethos and values.  Owen and Melinda have stated: “We are really “keen” to live our values, and this means more than simply providing financial support to those organisations we sponsor and/or donate to. This means being active members of our local, Canberra community. We want Keane Consulting to have a social conscience.”  For more information on Keane Consulting, check out their website at
For our club, the value is in having additional hands-on support (Keane’s team were involved in our Vinnies sorting day and our Street Library construction activity).  This has been supplemented by a recent $500 contribution to our forthcoming Birthing Kit packing event.  The community is the real winner out of this relationship.  
If your company has a focus on supporting the community and you would like more information on how to turn this into a reality, contact the Canberra Sundowners through Facebook: or emailing the club on