Breakfast Meetings Re-Commenced 2 July 
Weekly club breakfast meetings recommenced on Thursday, 2 July.  23 members took advantage of this opportunity for members to get back together again and all enjoyed catching up and hearing from incoming President David Elder.  For anyone concerned about the social distancing arrangements, the Commonwealth Club have made appropriate adjustments
And the Winner Is:  DreamCricket
The Club was awarded the Youth Services award for the District at last week's District Changeover event.  We all know the wonderful job that Jonathan and the DreamCricket team do, but it was great to see that recognised at the District level.  The DreamCricket Gala Day is one of the club's 'big 3' events and represents the culmination of DreamCricket activities for the year.  Well done to all involved.
20/21 District Grant Application
And despite COVID-19, we have continued to strive to support the community,  The club has submitted an application for a District Grant to support provision of fresh produce for the CS#1 food pantry over the next 12 months.  In addition the club has approved $2,000 to support the purchase of freezers for the CS#1 food pantry as part of our disbursements.  CS#1 were the proposed beneficiary for our cancelled Trivia Night this year.  Click here to learn more about the great work of CS#1.