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The Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise is the proud sponsor and coordinator of DreamCricket in the ACT and surrounding region.
DreamCricket started in 2008 when exercise physiologists from the Movement Disorder Foundation collaborated with cricket coaches from the Bradman Foundation in Bowral and the Rotary Clubs of the Southern Highlands to design a program to provide Primary School children with special needs the opportunity to play cricket-based activities.  These special needs include physical, intellectual and sight impaired disabilities.
The DreamCricket program is specifically designed to challenge children with a disability and get them participating and moving. Many parents and teachers were initially concerned their children with disabilities wouldn’t be able to take part as they didn’t think they could play sport. But the success of the program is shown by the children achieving their personal best and the fact that they gain self-confidence and wellbeing through their participation in physical activities.
DreamCricket clinics, which are held at individual schools and last approximately two hours, are conducted as part of a cricket experience for any child with a disability.  On completion of the clinic, the school is presented with its own DreamCricket kit so that the children can continue to practise their new-found skills.  (NB The kit is paid for by Rotary, there are NO costs for the school).  Every year a DreamCricket Gala Day is held on a significant local oval for all participating schools.  Most recently the Gala Day at the Radford College Oval on 5 November 2019 involved nine local primary schools and 116 children. Radford College Year 9/10 students act as activity managers for the games and are excellent mentors for the children.  
There are now more than 10,000 children taking part in DreamCricket across Australia and programs are also running in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.  In the ACT we have a large number of children with special needs and our aim is to involve as many of them as possible in this program.  Any Primary School with special needs children which isn’t taking part is encouraged to contact us to discuss how we can arrange a clinic for them (see contact details below).
This program is entirely funded by the Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise and there is no charge to schools that take part.  But if you or your business/organisation would like to provide sponsorship (for instance a school’s DreamCricket kit at a cost of $670.00 with your logo as sponsor attached) please contact us to arrange the sponsorship (contact details below)

When you see the joy on the faces of young children with a disability as they realise that they can actively participate in sport, and the confidence they gain by doing so, you will be very happy that your generosity has made it all possible.
Contact Details:  Peter McDermott, ACT DreamCricket Coordinator, Rotary Club of Canberra Sunrise: Email :