Speaker Date Topic
NO meeting May 19, 2022
NO meeting @ CC in lieu of Vocational Visit to ACT Woodcraft Guild @ 11am 19/5

John McKenna is the host for the vocational visit @ 11am 19/5 - ACT Woodcraft Guild, Lions Youth Haven, Kambah Pool Road, Kambah ACT 2902

Club May 22, 2022
Planning Day for Canberra Sunrise 2022-23 @ 2pm

Organised by PE Margaret Atkin.  Planning Day to be held 2-4.30pm at Legacy House, 33 Geils Court, Deakin - access through member Judy Mack.  Member Bruce Osborn has kindly agreed to be the main Facilitator 22/5.  All members are strongly encouraged to contribute to the afternoon's discussions.

Gabrielle Quadraccia (Rotarian) May 26, 2022
“Travel in a Covid climate” spoof on ‘Love in a cold climate’

Tales from Italian travels

Judy Ford (Rotarian) Jun 09, 2022
Heart Support Australia

Rotarian Judy Ford is CEO of Heart Support Australia.

Brian Goldstraw (Rotarian) Jun 16, 2022
RAWCS Program

Brian is Chair of the RAWCS program.   May advise what/how to apply for District Grants etc.

Ernst Willheim Jun 23, 2022
Legal issues involved in Witness K case

Friend of John McKenna

Club Jun 26, 2022
Club Changeover 26/2

Club changeover 12noon on 26/2 @ Surveyor Hill Winery, 215 Brooklands Road, Wallaroo NSW.  NB.  Club Service & PE usually responsible for organising this event. 

TBC Jun 30, 2022
No meeting CC in lieu of changeover event 26/6
D9705 Jul 02, 2022
RI District Changeover @ Mittagong NSW
Paul Lushenko Jul 28, 2022
Career, family & Drone warfare

Co-editor, with Prof William Maley (ANU) & Dr Srinjoy Bose (UNSW), of 'Drones and Global Order: Implications of Remote Warfare for International Society' (2022).  Book aims to fill two gaps in the extant literature.  1.  Scholars reduce states' use of drone warfare to materialist calculations of interests, power, and security.  2. Scholars demonstrate preoccupation with atomizing the legal, moral, and ethical implications of drone warfare at the expense of interrogating its impacts on global order.  Edited volume advances the scholarship of drone warfare by linking the competing logics that inform states' use of drone strikes to the trade-offs imposed on global order, as well as the managerial recourses that are available to member states of international society.

Stephen Utick (Rotarian) Aug 25, 2022
Weston Creek environmental project