Refer to the Rules and Procedures for full details (side panel, under Files).  A summary is provided below.

Organisation of Sessions and Rules

How are teams allocated to the nation which they will represent in MUNA?
The allocation of teams to nations is done by the Registrar, based as far as possible on the preferences expressed in the team's registration form. Teams are asked in the Registration Form to identify five nations they would like to represent, one from each bloc, from the list of those available. The Registrar will take into account the preferences expressed in allocating teams to nations on a first come, first served basis as complete registration documentation is received, while balancing the need to have priority countries involved and an even distribution across blocs.
The Rules and Resolutions for the conduct of MUNA
Resolutions under consideration for MUNA are available under the Key Documents menu on the left of this page. The resolutions for this year's debate will be selected from this pack by the teams in the session during the Special Administrative Session of the Assembly held on the Friday night of MUNA.
MUNA Rules and Procedures are also available under the Key Documents menu on the left of this page.  Teams should make themselves familiar with the Rules and Procedures well before the MUNA event.
The Special Administrative Session of the Assembly
A Special Administrative Session of the Assembly will be held on the Friday evening, to confirm the resolutions to be debated, speaker teams for and against each resolution, and to develop the bloc identity and teamwork.   
What are ‘Blocs'?
To facilitate better debate, we have grouped nations into five Blocs and we would appreciate it if your students would nominate one nation from each Bloc, indicating their order of preference in their registration documentation. The Registrar for MUNA will advise you of the country your team will debate once the registration form is received.
Teams are encouraged to work in their blocs over the MUNA weekend, to coordinate their approach to a Resolution and their approach to those with the opposite position.  A coordinated bloc approach can significantly alter the debate outcomes.  Dedicated bloc planning sessions will utilise MUNA pre-established Zoom rooms.  
What should the team wear?
Teams are encouraged to wear the national dress of their allocated country wherever possible. Traditional dress is preferred over dressing up as a character from the country's past.  Please ensure costumes and clothing are modest and not stereotyped or offensive, or you will be asked to change.
The debate will be conducted in five sessions, with one of the MUNA resolutions allocated to each session .
Adjudication of MUNA debating teams
Refer to the MUNA - Adjudication and The Totenhofer Peace Prize page on the left hand side menu.