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  eNewsletter August 2018
ShelterBox is proud to be a Project Partner of Rotary International
The earthquakes in Lombok have left over 20,000 people homeless.                Image © Reuters
Dear Rotary President 
Earthquakes are perhaps the most unpredictable of natural disasters. The Indonesian Island of Lombok recently experienced two large quakes in the space of a week. As the full pictures begins to emerge and the death-toll rises, we see that more than 20,000 people have been left homeless. A ShelterBox assessment team is on the way to Lombok to work with Rotary and local government to see if and how we can help.
We never know when the next disaster will strike, that's why your continued support is so important to us. That support can come in many forms. Below you will read of several new initiatives that you might like to get involved in.
In August next year, I'll be leading a trek in the stunning Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. You or your friends might like to join me? Our amazing Nepal Trekkers depart for the Annapurna next month, having raised over $35,000. ShelterBox stalwart; Peter Pearce will take part in the City 2 Surf next weekend carrying a ShelterBox on his back; Our recently launched 'Shine for ShelterBox' campaign invites supporters to hold candlelit dinner to raise funds and awareness for disaster relief.
Your support helped us raise just shy of $1 million last financial year, but events like the earthquakes in Lombok, the floods in Kenya and displacement in Ethiopia show we can never rest on our laurels.
This month's quote comes from Oscar Wilde, "To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect."
Many thanks for your support
Mike Greenslade
CEO ShelterBox Australia
0459 959 501 
Deployment News
Lombok - Earthquake
A ShelterBox Response Team has deployed to Indonesia following a devastating 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the island of Lombok on August 5, less than a week after a 6.4 magnitude quake. More than 100 people have died and at least 20,000 people are without shelter.
The Response Team volunteers will be working with local Rotary contacts and with local authorities to understand whether and how we can help families severely affected by this disaster.
We currently have ShelterBox aid prepositioned in the region and continue to monitor the unfolding situation. ShelterBox has experience responding to disasters in Indonesia, including earthquakes, deploying 11 different times.
Kenya - Floods
The rains of this March to May were the heaviest in Kenya for the past 55 years, with some areas receiving twice the seasonal average. Flood waters may still take weeks to recede, until then, the extent of the damage remains unknown. According to UNOCHA, 800,000 people are estimated to be affected. ShelterBox has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the Kenyan Red Cross but strict government restrictions on the importation of single use plastics has led to a delay in the importation of ShelterBox aid. Having repacked aid in Belgium and Dubai, a Response Team is now overseeing the importation and distribution of 2000 ShelterKits in Kalifi.
Ethiopia - Displacement
Ethiopia response 2011
Ethnic violence in Southern Ethiopia has displaced over 970,000 people. The influx of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in some areas has nearly doubled the population. 
Thousands of people are displaced into crowded and unsuitable collective centres in public buildings. Other people are sleeping outside, with little or no protection from the weather. It is now rainy season in Ethiopia and flooding is predicted to displace an additional 1.2 million people in the south.
A team of three have now arrived in Ethiopia and will start working with International Organistaion for Migration (IOM) to identify beneficiaries and plan distributions, alongside investigating internal transport and warehousing capacity.
ShelterBox continues to work in Cameroon, Chad, Iraq, Niger, Nigeria, Somaliland and Syria.   

Support the 'ShelterBox Solution' and help families who have lost everything to disaster. Please ...........
EFT: Westpac: ShelterBox Australia: BSB 032 189: Account no. 230 147 (please email to notify us of your donation and receive your tax receipt).
Cheques can be mailed to: ShelterBox Australia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124
All donations above $2 are fully tax-deductible
Larapinta Trek 2019
Go the extra mile for disaster relief! Join ShelterBox Australia CEO, Mike Greenslade on the adventure of a lifetime and trek the stunning Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. The Larapinta Trail is regarded as one of Australia’s premier walking tracks. From the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station to the peak of Mount Sonder, the trail stretches 223 kilometres along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Over 5 days of trekking, you will cover 60 kilometres of this iconic track.
Book before the end of August and save $500 on registration:
Shine for ShelterBox
Host a dinner party for people who need light in their lives!
When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort and light.
ShelterBox provides essential relief to people who have lost everything. Every ShelterBox we send includes solar lights that can brighten lives in the darkest hour.
It’s easy to help. Just request a free Shine for ShelterBox fundraising kit and we’ll post one to you in time to plan your event.
As you dine, you’ll be raising money to provide light and emergency shelter for families who need it most.
Team ShelterBox Australia in the City 2 Surf
Emeritus Ambassador, Peter Pearce will carry a ShelterBox on his back as he runs in the City 2 Surf this weekend. Peter will be accompanied by a team of ShelterBox runners, raising our profile in this iconic event. You can support the team's effort by sponosoring them here:
Have you held a successful fundraising event or are you planning one? Please send me the details, including images, for inclusion in the next newsletter and promotion on the ShelterBox Australia Blog at:
Earn Velocity Points on your donation with Points 4 Purpose
In partnership with Everyday Hero and Imagine Corporation, we are thrilled to present Points 4 Purpose.
ShelterBox Australia supporters can earn 1 Velocity point for every dollar donated. All donations are tax-deductible too!
To take advantage of this exciting initiative, simply go to the Points4Purpose page on the Velocity eStore and choose ShelterBox Australia when they make your donation. 

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