We are very disappointed to have to announce the postponement of MUNA 2020. Although it cannot be known what the situation will be on 7-9 August, the dates originally scheduled, current restrictions are making it impossible for schools, Rotary clubs and Districts to properly prepare for the event, particularly where they wish to organise run-off competitions. We also completely understand how difficult it is for them to make any form of commitment in the current environment. As the situation becomes clearer, we will work with all those interested to identify a date later in the year on which we could hold MUNA.

If Rotary clubs or Districts would be interested in sponsoring a team to attend MUNA 2020 at a later date in the year and would like to be involved in identifying a new date, please complete the Expression of Interest form. Please note, this is strictly an expression of interest and carries no commitment. If any school wishes to be involved, but does not have a Rotary point of contact or possible sponsor identified, please email munaregistrar@gmail.com .

In addition, RCCS is considering options to run online MUNA-style events while Covid-19 restrictions are in place, to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a positive activity during this difficult time. Although the format of these would be determined in consultation with schools involved, at this stage we believe that costs to participate, if any, would be minimal. If you believe that this would be of interest to a school or schools in your area, please email garth.britton@netspeed.com.au .