Jul 28, 2022
Paul Lushenko
Career, family & Drones

Co-editor, with Prof William Maley (ANU) & Dr Srinjoy Bose (UNSW), of 'Drones and Global Order: Implications of Remote Warfare for International Society' (2022).  Book aims to fill two gaps in the extant literature.  1.  Scholars reduce states' use of drone warfare to materialist calculations of interests, power, and security.  2. Scholars demonstrate preoccupation with atomizing the legal, moral, and ethical implications of drone warfare at the expense of interrogating its impacts on global order.  Edited volume advances the scholarship of drone warfare by linking the competing logics that inform states' use of drone strikes to the trade-offs imposed on global order, as well as the managerial recourses that are available to member states of international society.